Womens Shoe Repair

We use the highest quality replacement materials available.


Our goal while repairing your shoes is to keep them as original as posible.


We are always here to help you modify your shoes to fit your needs as well.


We work with a number of manufactureres to get replacement parts as well.


We appriciat fine craftsmanship and enjoy recrafting beautifull things.

One of our most popular services is to aply a protective sole to the bottom of leather soled shoes. The rubber soles will generaly outlast a leather sole four to one.
We have a large selection of colors to match the bottom of your shoes. As well as a number of thicknesses to fit the correct profile of your shoes. This alows us to keep your shoes looking just like they did when you purchased them.
This process also will help to keep the shoe in its original state. By adding the protective sole you wont wear into the original leather and can just replace the top sole as needed.
This can be done to both new and used shoes.
We highly recomend this on womens thin soled shoes this will keep your favorite shoes looking their best for the longest.
The protective soles will also help you from slippin and slidin around you can always be sure in your strut with these on the bottom of your shoes.
We always make sure the soles are finnished out in their original sole edge color. This is a special tecknique not many cobblers will atempt to do.