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Refinishing & Dye Work

Custom Painting is one of our most favorite chalenges. From a simple touch up to a compleate refinish you can be confident in our ability to match colors. With two full time cobblers that specialize in refinishing we are able to do most anything.
We have special teckniques to keep the texture of your shoes, bags, belts etc.. in their original state.
Custom painting is also available we have a huge selecton of leather paints to do most any job.
Leather Bags come in many shapes sizes and colors.
Most colored leather bags are a painted finish. Bags with a painted finish are easier for us to match exact colors and textures, Bags with dyed or raw leather can be a bit more tricky.
We are always happy to take a look and tell you exactly how well we think a project will turn out.
We are huge fans of Designer Handbags and accessories and take pride in working with these peices of art.
We understand that these things can be some of your most prized posessions and take great time and detail when working on your items
From a simple solid color to a more elaborite patern we are the right choice for all your refinishing needs.
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