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Who We Are

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a Family Business

The Shop
The Cobblery is a family owned and operated shoe store serving the bay area since 1940. A jewel of the peninsula, we offer a full service shoe and leather repair shop. Renowned for our four generations of fine craftsmanship. Jessica & Stephanee, along with their husbands, Richard & Stephen recently became the fourth generation owners. Growing up in the store the sisters have gained unteachable organic knowledge about shoes through observing cobblers and craftsman over the years. Starting as children tasked with putting away laces and polish and greeting customs they became familiar with the day to day running of the business. Stephen joined the business in 1996 and Richard in 2000 Their knowledge of high end brands along with their attention to detail separates them from your average cobbler. With a combined knowledge of over 80 years its safe to say that they can tackle most any project you throw at them.

The Repair
We specialize in high quality repairs and alterations. We use the finest materials available to us from 4 different distribution centers in the US. We can help with all of your basic shoe and leather repair needs to specialty custom leather work. From boot alterations, adding elastics, altering straps, leather work on Bags, Belts and Jackets.  We also offer custom refinishing on all your most prized leather possessions to keep them going for years. Known for our detailed and meticulous work we are recognized for resoling and refurbishing shoes and leather goods. We not only offer in store drop off, but you may also send in your shoes and have them shipped back to you via UPS. We pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship and timely delivery. We are proud to be recommended by many luxury boutiques for repairs and alterations on their high end merchandise. Namely, Louis Vuitton stores across the bay area sending their patrons to us in lieu of sending their goods to the repair center in Paris. Nieman Marcus, Tory Birch, Kate Spade and Wilkes Bashford are among others of whom we appreciate their support. Rest assured your cherished shoes and handbags will be well taken care of at The Cobblery.




The Retail
When you walk into The Cobblery your day will be brightened by the amazing amount of color you will find in our products we are definitely not afraid of fun fabrics and colorful materials. You can still find your casual black and basic brown but who knew you could get such cool shoes that will sure to be your favorite. Year round you will find something great at The Cobblery. Super cozy slippers, fashionable and comfortable boots during the chilly winter weather. A large collection of comfortable stylish sandals and a wall of flip-flops in the spring and summer heat. Not to mention the AH-MAZE-ING display of the most colorful, cutest, warmest socks on the Peninsula! Cotton, wool, cashmere, angora, tights, leggings, knee highs. We spend a great deal of time and thought when buying for the store. You can be confident in the quality and craftsmanship of the goods you will find while shopping with us Fun Fact: We love to offer FREE fun gift wrapping with any purchase. So treat your feet to something sweet and visit  The Cobblery.

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